Illicit drugs cause thousands of addictions every single year. Even scarier, thousands more lose their lives while using these drugs. Addiction affects people of every gender, race, and income bracket and when it does, it rears its ugly head with a vengeance.  Any drug can cause an addiction but some are responsible for more problems than others. Among the most commonly abused drugs today:

●   Cocaine: A white powdery substance, cocaine gives the user an elevated feeling that increases heart rate and brain speed. Cocaine is highly addictive and one use may lead to a problem including an overdose.

●   Prescription Drugs: Prescription painkillers account for more addictions than street drugs in 2020. Opioids and others can leave a person battling for their lives. Addiction treatment can help people who have found themselves battling a prescription painkiller addiction.

●   Heroin: Heroine is another popular drug that is highly addictive and very dangerous. Black tar heroin is the most powerful of the types of heroin. Users often stay up for days at a time, may hallucinate, or experience other problems that cause death.

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●   Methamphetamine: This drug affects the user, his or her family and friends, and the community around them the same way as most other drugs on our list. It’s also addictive and can lead to an overdose after one use. Meth users often see things that are not there and stay up for days at a time without eating.

The drugs on the above list are very dangerous. Using them even once can lead to detrimental results. You can get help if you are battling an addiction with one of the great addiction treatment programs louisville, ms, you are not alone. Whenever you are ready, help is there to help you make it through.