Invisalign is a newer way for any dental patient to be able to have their teeth straightened without having to go through everything that dealing with braces involves. For a shorter treatment time, a more pleasant experience, and not even having to feel like you’re using dental appliances at all, Invisalign could be the way for many patients who want to avoid getting braces to go.

How Does Invisalign Work?

starting Invisalign treatments

When you get ready to talk to your dentist about starting Invisalign treatments, you will be presented with info about Invisalign, how it can be helpful to you, and then you will begin making a treatment plan with your dentist. Invisalign can take a shorter treatment time depending on what you specifically need, and on average, you can expect an Invisalign treatment to take anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

How is Invisalign Better than Braces?

With Invisalign, you get to enjoy some of their benefits over braces.

·    Shorter treatment time

Braces can often take two or more years to fully accomplish their mission, but many Invisalign patients see their treatments done in just over a year, with some seeing good results in a matter of months.

·    No dealing with metal in your mouth

Invisalign is not a permanent brace, but a removable appliance that you place to work on your teeth, which can be removed to eat and to brush. You should remember that you should keep your Invisalign in for at least 20 hours each day for it to be able to do its work properly.

·    Not as painful

With Invisalign, your teeth will need to adjust to the new appliances, but most patients find them less annoying or painful than metal braces, which can take awhile to adjust to and which can hurt when being tightened.

Is Invisalign For You?

If you want to begin straightening your teeth and seeing results in roughly a year and you don’t want to deal with all of the hassle that goes with getting braces, then you could definitely be a great candidate for Invisalign. With enough discipline and remembering to keep your appliances in when not eating or brushing, you will find Invisalign should go perfectly for you.