local assisted living draper

Old people are not having it easy these days, afraid to say. A non-native English speaker was concerned enough to ask; dear sir, why are you afraid. She is from the Philippines. And of course, Filipinos are legendary for their ability to work very hard indeed. While her English-speaking skills are impeccable, there is still this matter of interpretation. So, the gentleman explained. It was merely a polite expression initially. Almost a form of apology, really. But people really are afraid, you see. Who is going to take care of them in their old age? A professionally-oriented program local assisted living draper residents can fall back on looks like one possibility.

The young, hardworking Filipino lady, out here doing her training to become a fulltime caregiver, does find it quite hard to believe sometimes. You see, where she comes from, they have rather large families. And, well, where they can, really, they take care of each other as best as possible. Like in her case. And the case of her folks. They’re getting on in their years, no longer able to do a full day’s work. And her father’s living with the symptoms of a debilitating stroke, has been for many years. You wonder how he made it this far? Well, she’s now the breadwinner of this family, is how. And she’s taking care of her mom and dad as best she can.

Like working as a caregiver in the states. But still. She just doesn’t get it. Why aren’t we taking care of our folks in the way that we should? Does this have something to do with lifestyle circumstances? But really, folks, could this be seen as an excuse? It cannot be. It just doesn’t seem right.